Offering the Most Consistent and Accurate Payload and Hauling Data in the Industry

On-Board Scales

LoadMan has the Complete Weighing Solution

Durable and rugged loadcell sensors that can be installed on nearly any sized commercial vehicle from 25-yard refuse trucks, to 400 ton mining haulers. High precision electronics that compute payloads with accuracy of 99% for most applications. LoadMan In-cab Computers and Displays provide operators with all the weight information they need – from axle to payload to truck to trailer. Plus, built-in utilities provide information displays that assist with customer and route information. Wireless Connectivity for virtually every application: GSM cell modems or Bluetooth.

Load Management Software

Load Management Software

LoadMan Load Management Software for managing trucks, drivers, routes, products and customers. With GPS and Google Maps, track key fleet assets and vital load location data. GPS position data, combined with Google mapping provides real time tracking and playback of routes traveled by each truck – and with time stamps, the duration to reach a customer and dump the load. LoadMan provides a "rich data record" that automatically tracks load weights, load locations (GPS coordinates), service commodity, routes, vehicle ID, driver ID, customer accounts, products hauled or delivered – all time & date stamped.

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